Using Content Organizer

We willl now look at the Content Organizer which allows us to define a set of rules for moving documents from the Drop Off Library to a more permanent location within the Records Centre.  Note that the Content Organizer can also be used on libraries in any site, not just the Records Centre.

In short, the Content Organizer is a routing engine which is new to SharePoint 2010 and allows you to move content based on Content Type and user defined rules.  Items in the Drop Off Library typically have metadata fields applied to them against which the rules are run.  The Content Organizer can also move items based purely on Content Type.

To start with we will create a new Document Library to move documents to.

  • Navigate to our new Records Centre
  • Click on Site Actions New Document Library
    1. Name: Standard Archive
    2. Description: Archive 7 Years for Documents
    3. Document Template: None
    4. Click OK

Next we will set up a Content Organizer Rule to move specific documents to the new Standard Archive library that we have just created.

  • Click on Site Actions – Site Settings
  • Under Site Administration click on Content Organizer Rules
  • Click on Add New Item

Here we will set up some basic information for the Rule

  • Rule
    1. Name: Documents Rule
    2. Status: Active

We will tell it that we want to apply the rule to all Documents.  That is, where the Content
Type is set to Document.  It would be just as easy for us to set up different rules for different Content Types.  One example would be that all Financial documents are moved to one library whilst all HR documents are moved to another.

  • Content Type
    1. Group: Document Content Type
    2. Type: Document

Setting up a condition allows us to be even more explicit.  In this example we will move
all documents that have the word “RMDemo” in their name.  So what we will do is tell the rule to look in the Name property to see if it contains the characters “RMDemo”.  If it does then it will satisfy the rule and Content Organizer will process the document.

  • Conditions
    1. Property: Name
    2. Operator: Contains All Of
    3. Value: Contoso

We will now tell it the target location i.e. where to move the documents to; this will be the name of the document library that we created earlier.

  • Target Location
    1. Click Browse
    2. Click Standard Archive
    3. Click OK and
    4. then OK again

[Press F5 to refresh the RM Demo home page]

We will now go and see this process working end to end.  What we will do is create a new document in a regular site Document Library and then send it to the Records Centre.

  • Navigate to a SharePoint site with a document library
  • Click on Shared Documents (or any document library)
  • On the Ribbon click on Documents and then click on New Document
  • Click on OK
  • In Word type in “Demo document to test the Content Organizer
  • Click Save

Let’s give it a filename which includes the word ‘RMDemo‘ so that out Rule will pick this up and move it accordingly.

  • FileName: Document RMDemo
  • Click Save and close Word

Now let’s send this document to the Records Centre.  Once again this is easily achieved via the document menu.

  • Click on the new document and select Send To – Demo RM
  • Click on OK
  • Click on OK

Notice again that the document icon has been changed to signify that it is a shortcut link.
Let’s now go back to our Records Centre site and see what has taken place.

  • Navigate to the new Records Centre site
  • Click on Standard Archive

Here is the document.   What has happened is that it was initially moved to the Drop Off Library, the Content Organizer ran and detected that it was a “RMDemo” document and moved it here.


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Chairman and founder of ImageFast Ltd, a leading UK ECM consultancy business and Microsoft Gold Partner. Over 20 years experience delivering successful ECM projects utilising scanning, data capture, document management, records management, workflow, BPM and SharePoint.
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2 Responses to Using Content Organizer

  1. azha says:

    “Note that the Content Organizer can also be used on libraries and lists in any site, not just the Records Centre”

    The content organizer can NOT be used on lists.

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