The Records Centre

The Records Center is a specially configured site for working with documents and records.

Let’s go ahead and create a new Record Centre subsite.

  • Click on Site Actions – New Site
    1. Under Categories click Content
    2. In the right hand pane select Record Center
    3. Enter a Title of “Demo RM
    4. Enter a site path of “demorm
    5. Click on Create

This is the Record Centre site and as you can see it is designed to hold large collections of records.  It has the new Submit a Record button to quickly upload new records from the file system.   It also has the new Find by Document ID search facility to enable you to quickly locate documents using their unique document ID.  Notice that there is a list of documents on the right entitled “My Records Needing Submission”, this is actually pointing to what is also called the “Drop Off Library”.  This is a place where all new records are initially dropped off when they are Sent To the Records Centre.  They will remain here until the Content Organizer is configured to automatically route them to a final document library.

Let’s begin by submitting a new record to the site.

  • Click the Submit a Record button
  • Click Browse
  • Select a document to upload from the file system
  • Click Open and then Click OK to upload
  • Click Save

You can now see that this document has been added to the Drop Off Library and is shown here on the home page (you might need to press F5 to refresh the page).  Let’s take a closer look at the Drop Off Library.

  • Click on the title of the My Records Needing Submission webpart

Here again is the document that we have just submitted; let’s take a look at the properties.

  • On the document dropdown select View Properties

We can see that the document has been assigned a unique Document ID (if this feature has been activated – see another Post on how to activate this).

  • Click Close

We will now take a look at a dedicated area for working with and maintaining the Records Centre.  We access this directly from the Site Actions menu.

  • Click on Site Actions – Manage Records Centre

Here we can perform actions such as creating Content Types, defining roles, designing the Welcome Page etc.  There are also audit actions such as generating a File Plan report.

My next post will look at how to set up this new Records Centre site as a destination that we can send documents to using the Send To menu functionality.


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Chairman and founder of ImageFast Ltd, a leading UK ECM consultancy business and Microsoft Gold Partner. Over 20 years experience delivering successful ECM projects utilising scanning, data capture, document management, records management, workflow, BPM and SharePoint.
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